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Filter-in Bottle / FIB-75 Round Glass / RDG-360

Enjoy its aroma and flavor as you would wine.

A new idea for delicious "cold-brewed tea," easily prepared with cold water from the beginning

It is a new way to enjoy tea made with cold water. Tea brewed with cold water has a mild rich flavor and no bitterness. Serve cold brewed tea like wine with your meal. Enjoy your favorite cold brewed teas using the Filter in Bottle.
Place tea leaves into the glass bottle.
Fill the glass bottle with water up to the top measurement marking.
Mount the removable bottle spout with the filter set inside onto the glass.
let the tea brew in the refrigerator for 3~6 hours.
Pour the tea in the glass.
A filter mesh fixed to
the silicon spout
The tea leaves won't
clog the spout.
For any type of tea
Filter- in Bottle
FIB-75-OG(olive green)
Round Glass
W 87×D84×H300
Top diameter 71
Practical Capacity 750ml / 25oz
Spout・Stopper / Silicone
Filter / Polypropylene
Top diameter 65
Full Capacity 360ml / 12oz