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SCA-5 Coffee Syphon Hario Sommelier

Enjoy the aroma of coffee with a hand-crafted glass decanter.

A new coffee syphon now lets you enjoy the aroma of coffee as you would a fine wine

After having a delicious dinner at an elegant restaurant, You place your order with the server, and "Hario Sommelier" is brought to your table, coffee made fresh in front of your eyes.   Enjoy this stylish atmosphere through the elegant preparation of your favorite coffee, brought to you by new coffee syphon "Hario Sommelier."   Created to resemble a wine decanter, "Hario Sommelier" lets you savor every aroma of coffee.
    HARIO' s glass processing technology handed down for many years, together with the techniques of skilled artisans and cutting edge design, has given birth to a coffee syphon with an entirely new style of functional beauty.
Metal filter is reusable and can extract high quality coffee flavors and rich oil. Because it is made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean. Cloth filter included; You can enjoy 2 different taste of coffee.  
  Fine coffee particles
    Each one has been handcrafted by a craftsman. The wine decanter like body showcases the aroma. Fine coffee particles are removed by a process induced by the unique form of the glass. The coffee is separated into a bottom layer of fine coffee particles and a top layer of pure coffee as shown in the diagram. Enjoy the purest mild coffee.
  Metal Filter Cloth Filter
Practical Capacity 600ml / 20oz
Cup 5