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Beam Heater / BGSN-350U

HARIO pays careful attention even to the heating source.

The halogen "Beam Heater" produces a unique brewing scene

For the ultimate display of coffee technique and professional performance,
a stunning show that can easily compliment your idea of what coffee should be,
and an atmosphere to enhance your vision of the perfect cup; join the movement
for a unique and authentic cup of HARIO Syphon coffee.
"Beam Heater" uses a halogen lamp.
With its superb heat generation and
alluring red light, it' s easy to spot
the difference even from across the room.
Multiple "Beam Heaters"
can be connected together
using only one outlet.
The temperature is easily adjustable
with just one movement of the dial,
for an extremely precise modification.
Beam Heater
Beam Heater Protective wall
Size : W200×D220×H140(mm)
           Effective length of cable 1.3 m
Power : AC120V 60Hz
Rated power consumption : 450W
Total weight : 2.3kg
Glass / Silica glass / Stainless steel / Iron / ABS resin
  Size : W460×D230×H450(mm)
Glass / Stainless steel
  Size : W660×D230×H450(mm)
Glass / Stainless steel