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Smart Beam Heater / BGST-350U / BGST-400E

Temperature and Time Can be "Intuitively" Set
with One-Touch Operation


Choose from 3 Modes. Touch Panel Heater

What is "Fun" for you?
HARIO is happy to offer all syphon coffee lovers a "fun" touch panel
brewing experience that conventional heating sources are not able to provide.
Halogen heater
In locations where flames may not be safe to use, the Smart Beam Heater can brew delicious syphon coffee safely and accurately.
Stylish design
It is stylish in design with elegant features! It looks great on countertops and has an intuitive touch panel screen!
Touch panel screen
It digitally displays the time and temperature all at once, while giving the user the ability to operate all the variables with just one finger.
Customize your Brewing in 3 different modes.
Basic Mode Screen  
Basic Mode
Control the heat power and the time. Just slide your finger along the touch screen panel to choose the perfect quantity of heat. *Press and slide the touch screen.
Memory mode Screen  
Memory mode
Save the quantity of heat and time in this screen mode. This mode has two internal memories to save your perfect values of heat and time. You can access to your settings in the home screen just touching the icon A and B.
Professional mode Screen  
Professional mode
This mode has 4 special buttons, HEAT/BREW/KEEP/STOP and allows you to brew with your own heat setting between 40-99% for BREW and 10-40% for KEEP. *The timer count automatically.

Smart Beam Heater

BGST-350U (USA) BGST-400E (EU)


Power BGST-350U : AC110V 60Hz BGST-400E : AC230V 50Hz
Rated power consumption BGST-350U : 350W
BGST-400E : 400W
Size W215×D235×H165(mm)
Effective length of cable /1.6 m
Total weight 2.4kg
Beam Heater Protective wall
Size : W460×D230×H450(mm)
Glass / Stainless steel
  Size : W660×D230×H450(mm)
Glass / Stainless steel